An early 1900s image of the 14th century castle ruins in Ciechanów in the Mazowieckie province of Poland.

A selection of old images from our archive showing the town of Ciechanów through time.

Ciechanów poland

German troops in the main market square area of Ciechanów, Poland, c.1916.

Some basic information about Ciechanów:
- Ciechanów is located in the Mazowieckie province of Poland.
- Ciechanów is approximately 100 kilometres north of Warsaw.
- Ciechanów is located on the river Łydynia.

Ciechanów polen

An old photograph of the town hall in Ciechanów, Poland, c.1930.

Some other things you may not know about Ciechanów:
- The town was looted and largely destroyed during Napoleon’s campaign in 1806.
- Following the invasion in September 1939 Ciechanów was renamed Zichenau by the Germans.
- Thousands of the inhabitants of Ciechanów were deported or executed by the Nazis between 1939 and 1945. Many of the Jewish population of the town were taken to the Red Forest (Czerwony Bór) just outside Ciechanów and shot. Others were transported to Auschwitz.
- Ciechanów was liberated on the 17th January 1945 by Red Army troops of the Second Byelorussian Front.

Ciechanów 1940

German troops again visible in the main square of Ciechanów. This time in 1940.

Ciechanow prl

A multiview picture postcard of Ciechanow during the PRL (communist) period, c.1975.

Present-day Ciechanów:
- Ciechanow has two railway stations and is on the Warsaw – Gdynia railway line.
- The current population of Ciechanów is just over 45,000.
- All cars and trucks registered in Ciechanów have number plates which start with the letters WCI.

An interactive map of the Ciechanow area of Poland.

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