A very early lithographic picture postcard featuring views of Cieszyn, c.1899.

Images and information on the town of Cieszyn (Teschen) in Silesia in the far south of Poland.

Cieszyn poland

The main square and late 18th century town hall in Cieszyn, Poland, c.1933.

Some totally random facts about Cieszyn:
- The priest, historian and writer Leopold Szersznik was born in Cieszyn in 1747.
- A war was fought between Poland and Czechoslovakia over Cieszyn in January 1919.
- The oldest public museum on Polish soil is located in Cieszyn.
- Cieszyn has its own railway station on the Czechowice – Dziedzice railway line.

Cieszyn Teschen

A similar view of the centre of Cieszyn durng World War Two. Note the change of name to Teschen.

More trivia and facts related to Cieszyn:
- Since 1945, part of Cieszyn is located in Poland. Another part in the Czech Republic.
- The Czech name for Cieszyn is Czech Cieszyn / Těšín / Tesin.
- Most of the historic part of Cieszyn is located in the Polish part of the city.
- The current population of Cieszyn is approximately 36,000.

Cieszyn polska

The central Rynek area of Cieszyn during the communist era, c.1971.

Did you know?

A delicious variety of Polish smoked cheese is made in Cieszyn.

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