Communist Wągrowiec

wagrowiec wielkopolskie

A photograph of the Rynek (Market) area in the centre of Wagrowiec, Wielkopolskie, c.1967.

A selection of old communist-era images of Wągrowiec in Wielkopolskie, north west Poland.

Wągrowiec prl

Another view of Pomnik Wdzięczności in the Rynek (Market) area of Wągrowiec during the PRL era, c.1970.

Wagrowiec Polska

The swimming area of the lake in Wagrowiec, Wielkopolska, Polska, c.1974.

Wagrowiec communist

Children on ul. Jezyka, Wagrowiec, Wielkopolskie, Poland, c.1974.

Some things you might not know about Wągrowiec:

- The current population of Wagrowiec is around 25,000.
- Wagrowiec is located at the heart of the Wielkopolski Lake District.
- The best of the nearby lakes are probably Durowo and Kaliszanskie in Kamienica.
- Wągrowiec has a relatively busy railway station with trains to places like Poznań, Gołańcz, Inowrocław, Drawski Młyn and Bydgoszcz Główna.
- A pyramid shaped tomb for Captain Lakinski can be visited.
- In 1941 Wągrowiec was renamed Eichenbrück by the occupying German administration.
- Prior to 1919 Wągrowiec was called Wongrowitz.

wagrowiec poland

An elevated view of the main square in Wagrowiec, Wielkoplskie, Poland. c.1974.

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