Cost of Living in Poland

The Cost of Living in Poland

Ever wondered what it costs to live in Poland? Scroll down for a basic guide to the prices of everything from food to renting an apartment. Bear in mind these prices are only an approximate guide and that you may be reading this sometime after we are writing this in the summer of 2012. All prices are in Polish Zloty (PLN).

cost of living poland

Posters advertising the price of meat in a butcher’s shop window in Lubuskie, western Poland.

The Cost of Accommodation in Poland

Renting a flat / apartment (of around 60 m2) in Bydgoszcz – 1,400 zloties
Renting a flat / apartment (of around 60 m2) in Lublin – 1,700 zloties
Renting a flat / apartment (of around 60 m2) in Krakow – 1,900 zloties
Renting a flat / apartment (of around 60 m2) in Warsaw – 2,500 zloties

(60m2 is a medium sized apartment probably large enough for a couple or a small family).

On top of the rental cost you would on average have to allow between 500 and 600 zloties each month for utilities such as electricity, water charges, internet, and rubbish collection. In addition, an administration charge is also payable to cover costs like the cleaning of communal area and repairs to the building itself. This charge can be high. Anywhere between 100 and 500 zloties per month.

The Cost of Food in Poland

Milk (1 litre) – 2 zloties.
Bread (white loaf) – 2 zloties.
Potatoes – 1 zloty per kilogram.
Sausages (Polish) – 15 zloties per kilogram.
Apples – 2 zloties per kilogram.
Beer (Polish) – 2 zloties.

Prices of course vary enormously from one shop to another and from village to city.

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