czaplinek Tempelburg

A very early 1900s picture postcard of Tempelburg / Czaplinek, western Pomerania (Pommern).

A selection of images of the town of Czaplinek depicting some of its changes through time.

czaplinek tempelburg pommern

The Church of the Holy Cross and the market square (Rynek) area of Tempelburg / Czaplinek, Pommern, c.1911.

czaplinek tempelburg

A picture postcard view of Tempelburg / Czaplinek, c.1919. Note the windmill in the distance.

Czaplinek / Tempelburg

A photograph taken in 1944 looking across the lake to Czaplinek / Tempelburg.

Czaplinek polska prl

A store on ulica Dluga in Czaplinek, Zachodniopomorskie, during the communist-era (PRL), c.1977.

Some things you may not know about Czaplinek:
- Until 1945 Czaplinek was part of Germany and called Tempelburg.
- Czaplinek is now part of the province of Zachodniopomorskie (Western Pomerania).
- Czaplinek has its own railway station on the Szczecinek, Złocieniec, Drawsko Pomorskie railway line.
- The present-day population of Czaplinek is just under 7,200.
- Czaplinek is something of a tourist attraction and the lake is a busy one during the summer.

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