Częstochowa Through Time

Częstochowa 1899

A very early lithographic picture postcard image of Częstochowa in what was Lesser Poland. Mailed in 1899.

A selection of pre-war images of the city of Częstochowa, Silesia (śląskie) in the south of Poland.

Częstochowa  Czenstochau

A German picture postcard of Częstochowa / Czenstochau, commemorating the taking of the city from Russian forces, c.1914.

Some things you may not know about Częstochowa:
- Czestochowa is located on the banks of the River Warta.
- When Poland was invaded in 1939 Częstochowa was renamed Tschenstochau, and became part of the General Government.
- In April 1941, a Jewish ghetto was created and it is believed that more than 40,000 of Częstochowa’s Jews died during the war.

Częstochowa  1916

A scan of an old picture postcard of the New Market Square in Częstochowa, c.1916.

More information on Częstochowa:
- The city of Czestochowa has a population of around 230,000. More than 400,000 people live in and around Częstochowa.
- Several million people from all over the world come to Częstochowa each year to visit the Pauline monastery of Jasna Góra, the home of the Black Madonna painting.

Częstochowa 1929

A photographic postcard view of the centre of Czestochowa, c.1929.

How to get to Czestochowa:
- There are at present six railway stations in the city and railway lines connect Częstochowa with Lubliniec, Kielce, Warsaw, Katowice, and Chorzew Siemkowice.
- The nearest airport is Katowice International, which is around 60 kilometres from Częstochowa.

Czestochowa  1936

Market day in the New Market Square in Czestochowa, Lesser Poland, c.1935.

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