Dechsel / Deszczno

dechsel neumark

An old lithographic picture postcard of Dechsel / Deszczno, in what was then Brandenburg, c.1900.

Three old images of the village of Deszczno (former Dechsel), Lubuskie, western Poland.

dechsel deszczno

The railway station in Dechsel / Deszczno on the line between Gorzow and Skwierzyna, c.1910.

Three things you may not know about Deszczno:
- Until 1945, Deszczno was called Dechsel and part of East Brandenburg / Neumark, Germany.
- The postcode for Deszczno is 66-446.
- The population of Deszczno is currently around 1,100.

deszczno landsberg warthe

An old picture postcard image of a guesthouse in Deszczno (then Dechsel Nm), near Gorzów (Landsberg) c.1914.

See also a selection of old images of the nearby city of Landsberg an der Warthe / Gorzów.

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