Dried Wild Mushrooms

polish mushrooms

Many Poles spend a lot of time gathering wild mushrooms in the vast forests of Poland. Probably the two most popular mushrooms being Borowik (Steinpilzen / Porcini) and Podgrzybek (Bay Bolete). And any surplus mushrooms of both varieties not used fresh are dried for use throughout the year. When stored in an airtight container dried mushrooms will keep perfectly well for up to 12 months.

To reconstitute and use dried mushrooms in a recipe

Place the mushrooms in a bowl. Leaving the container about half empty. Cover the mushrooms with water (or wine). Steep overnight. Drain water and use. The mushroom water can also be used in may recipes, so don’t be too hasty in throwing away the water!

If time is limited hot but not boiling water can be added to dried mushrooms instead of cold. The mushrooms should then be ready for use in a recipe in about 30 minutes.

Dried wild mushrooms increase in volume by almost four times when re-hydrated.  Therefore, 50 grams of dried mushrooms will provide almost 200 grams of mushrooms after water has been added.

dried mushrooms

Two strings of dried mushrooms being proudly displayed by the young Pole who picked and dried these Borowik.

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