Drossen / Osno Lubuskie

Three picture postcards of pre-war Drossen (Neumark). Since 1945, Osno Lubuskie, Poland.

Drossen Osno Lubuskie

A lithograph postcard of Drossen (Osno). Posted to Berlin in 1899.

Drossen Osno Lubuskie

A super railway related postcard from Drossen Nm, c.1905.

Drossen into Osno

Drossen was renamed Osno after the Second World War when as a result of the Potsdam agreement it became part of Poland. The previous inhabitants of the town were expelled to the smaller Germany and their place taken by Poles from central Poland, and from what is now Ukraine and Lithuania.

Drossen Osno

A streetview photograph of Drossen, East Brandenburg, Germany, now Osno Lubuskie, Poland. This dates from 1911.

Osno today

Ośno Lubuskie is a small town with a population of around 3,500. It is part of the province of Lubuskie, in western Poland.

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