Education in Poland

primary school poland

Pupils and teacher at an English as a foreign language class in a primary school in the Lubuskie region of Poland.

Education in Poland

Compulsory education in Poland starts at the age of five or six, at kindergarten / pre-school, and, from six-to-seven years of age, at primary school (szkoła podstawowa in Polish). All children must remain in education for a minimum of nine years. After six years of primary education, pupils begin their lower secondary education at ‘gymnasium’ schools. This ends with a compulsory examination in Humanities, Science and Foreign Languages.

polish schools

An Easter display on a notice board at a Primary / Elementary school in Poland.

After lower secondary schooling children have three main options. They can study for two years at a basic vocational school (zasadnicza szkoła zawodowa); for three three years at a high school (lyceum); or for four years at a Technical school (technikum). Both the lyceum and technikum forms of schooling end with a maturity exam (matura), which is of a similar level to ‘A’ levels or the international baccalauréat.

Polish school

A combined primary and lower secondary school in a small town in the west of Poland.


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