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An old lithographic picture postcard dating back to 1901 of Elk / Lyck.

Following an incident centred on a Kebab takeaway in the town of Elk in Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship of north-east Poland is in the news. Nudged by this media attention we’ve scanned some images of Ełk through time from our picture archive and put together some lesser known facts about the town and present them here.

Elk Lyck

The church and shops in the centre of Elk / Lyck, c.1933.

Did you know:
- Prior to the end of World Ear II Elk was called Lyck and part of East Prussia, Germany.
- The German writer Siegfried Lenz was born in Elk / Lyck in 1926.
- Defending German troops left Elk / Lyck intact without a shot being fired on 24 January 1945.
- The Red Army entered and promptly destroyed nearly 50% of the buildings.
- Ełk was repopulated by Poles from the Augustow and Szczuczyn areas and by displaced people from the Grodno and Vilnius region.

Elk Poland

A photograph of a delicatessen shop, Syrena car, and motorcyles on ulica Wojska Polskiego in Elk, c.1970.

You might also be interested to learn that:
- A superb Narrow Gauge Railway operates between Elk, Sypitki, and Turowo.
- Museums dedicated to the narrow gauge railway and beekeeping are located in Ełk.
- Elk is located in the Elk Lake District, which is part of the Mazury Lake District.
- The current population of Ełk is around 59,000.


An elevated photographic view of Elk in northeastern Poland, c.1974.

Ełk map

A map of Poland showing Ełk’s location marked by a star.

Offsite link:
- A news report on the killing of a local man allegedly by Muslim immigrants.

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