Farming in Poland

Farming Poland

An old picture postcard featuring Polish farmworkers in the countryside west of Lodz, Poland, c.1911.

Farming in Poland quick facts:
60 percent of Poland’s total area is farmland.
Agriculture contributes an estimated 6.0% to Poland’s total GDP.
Around one in six Poles is employed on the land, which compares to a European Union average of less than 5%.
Just over 60% of Polish farms are of less than ten hectares.
Approximately 4 per cent of Poland’s agricultural land is used for organic farming.
Poland is the second largest producer of rye and potatoes in the world.
Poland is one of the largest producers of pork in Europe.
Poland produces almost 3 million tonnes of apples each year, making the country the largest producer of apples in Europe.

ursus tractors poland

Commemorative stamps issued by Polish post on the 90th anniversary of Ursus tractors in 1983

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farm animals poland pl

Stamps featuring various farm animals (Geese, Pigs, Chickens and more) issued by the Polish Post Office in 1975.

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