Fichtwerder / Swierkocin

Swierkocin Fichtwerder

An old picture postcard featuring three photographs of Swierkocin / Fichtwerder, c.1904.

Here are a selection of old photographs from our private collection of images of the village of Świerkocin (Fichtwerder), near Gorzów (Landsberg), in Lubuskie, Poland.

Swierkocin Fichtwerder gorzów

People gathered outside the village store in Swierkocin / Fichtwerder, c.1909.

Swierkocin Fichtwerder wartha

Four different images of Swierkocin / Fichtwerder on an old postcard. Mailed in 1931 to Stettin / Szczecin.

Swierkocin Fichtwerder warthe

The bridge over the River Warta (Warthe) in Świerkocin, c.1944. Also visible is a windmill and guesthouse.

See also: Information on and images of nearby Krzeszyce (Kriescht N-M) and Nowiny Wielkie (Döllensradung).

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