Fishing in Poland

Fishing Eldorado

Lubniewice is a small lakeside town in the far west of the country. It is known as Poland’s fishing Eldorado!

Fishing in Poland

Poland is a splendid country for anyone with an interest in fishing.

Some of the many fish of interest to anglers to be found in abundance throughout Poland include: carp, tench, perch, bream, grayling, trout, salmon, eels, pikeperch (zander), pike, and catfish. Fish of large sizes are often caught and returned to the water. These include pike weighing over 24 kg, and carp up to 28 kg.

catfish poland

The lakes and deep water rivers of Poland are home to some truly huge catfish – the largest of these fish eating frogs, mice, rats, ducks, and even according to some reports small dogs! Catfish of over 3 metres in length with a weight of over 330 kg have been caught in Polish waters in the recent past.

fishing poland

Fishing or angling is a popular activity with Poles of all ages.

The rivers and lakes which are the probably of most interest to fisherman are to be found in the north and north-west of Poland. Popular well-stocked rivers include the River Warta and River Obra and several lakes in and around the towns of Lubniewice and Lagow.

Please note: Anyone who is over the age of 14 and fishing in Poland must be in possession of a fishing rod licence and a separate permit issued by the water authority for the area to be fished. The Polish Angling Union can provide further information on fishing in Poland to anyone with an interest.

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