frampol polska

An early photograph of infantry soldiers gathered in Frampol at the start of the First World War.

A selection of old images of Frampol in Biłgoraj County near Lublin in south-east Poland.

frampol lublin

A photograph of the centre of Frampol taken after the German bombardment of the town in September 1939.


The bookshop and church in Frampol, near Lublin, Poland, c.1971.

A couple things you might not know about Frampol:
- 90% of Frampol was destroyed in a raid carried out by the German Luftwaffe on September 13th 1939.
- Frampol, or a fictionalized version, is the setting of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s book Gimpel the Fool.
- With a population of just 1,400 Frampol is one of the smallest towns in Poland.

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