Frankfurt (Oder)

frankfurt oder

An early lithographic picture postcard of Frankfurt an der Oder, Brandenburg, Germany, c.1899.

Images of and information on the divided city of Frankfurt (Oder) / Slubice. Frankfurt Oder and Słubice are located on opposite banks of the River Oder (in German) / Odra (in Polish). Frankfurt a German city. Słubice a Polish town. Until 1945 they were one city, Frankfurt an der Oder.

frankfurt oder germany

Trams in the middle of Frankfurt Oder, Brandenburg, Germany, c.1905.

Some things you may not know about Frankfurt Oder / Slubice:
- The writer and poet Heinrich Wilhelm von Kleist was born in Frankfurt Oder in 1777.
- Much of the city was looted ad then destroyed by the Soviets in April 1945. This was despite very little actual fighting taking place between defending German forces and the advancing Red Army.

Frankfurt an der Oder

A multiview postcard featuring four wartime pictures of Frankfurt Oder/ Slubice.

More information about Frankfurt:
- Frankfurt has its own university – the Europa-Universität Viadrina.
- The last Russian soldier left Frankfurt in September 1994.

frankfurt oder niemcy

A photograph of Bahnhofstrasse in the border city of Frankfurt Oder, Germany, c.1965.

A couple other nuggets of information you may not know about Frankfurt Oder:
- The population of Frankfurt Oder at the end of communist-era in 1990 was more than 87,000.
- The present-day population of Frankfurt Oder is less than 60,000 and decreases every year.

An interactive map of the Frankfurt Oder / Slubice border area. Use your mouse to explore these fascinating Polish / German borderlands.

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