Free Polish Lessons

Totally free downloadable Polish lessons in MP3 format!

A 100% free online course for anyone interesting in listening to real spoken Polish and/or learning the Polish language. This course of lessons is designed to help you communicate in Polish at a basic level. Topics discussed in these lessons include: introductions, greetings, saying something about yourself, talking about things around us, education, daily life, where you live and your family. Lessons also include information on cultural aspects such as information on Poland, religion, the Poles and Polish history, lifestyle, Polish social customs, things to do and things not to do.

Before you download all 10 lessons in MP3 have a listen to the first three minutes of Lesson 1.

If these lessons look like something you would enjoy you can download the MP3 files direct to your computer on the following Polish Poland webpages:

Polish Lesson 1
Polish Lesson 2
Polish Lesson 3
Polish Lesson 4
Polish Lesson 5
Polish Lesson 6
Polish Lesson 7
Polish Lesson 8
Polish Lesson 9
Polish Lesson 10

To begin why not listen to and have a go at repeating some Basic Polish phrases.

Hi / Bye – Czesc  …  Goodbye – Do widzenia  …  Thanks – Dziekuję

(These audio files were recorded by a female native speaker – myself!)

free polish lessons

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