Freystadt / Kożuchów

Kożuchów / Freystadt Through Time

Kożuchów Freystadt

An old photographic image of the center of the town of Kożuchów / Freystadt, c.1940.

Here we have a selection of images from our ever-expanding picture archive of all things Polish and Poland! Today it is the turn of Kożuchów (former Freystadt) in Lubuskie, western Poland.

kozuchów nowa sol

An old photograph of Rynek in Kozuchow, near Nowa Sol, Poland, c.1970.

As a result of the loss of the war by Germany in 1945, the town in what was then until this point in history part of Silesia / Schlesien was transferred from Germany to Poland, and its German population was moved across the Oder-Neiss to within the new borders of Germany. The town was then renamed Kożuchów and Poles from all over pre-war Poland moved in.

Kożuchów poland

The town hall (Ratusz) in the central Rynek area of Kożuchów, western Poland, c.1981.

Kożuchów currently has a population of around 10.000.

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