FSO Syrena

fso syrena

The FSO Syrena was a Polish car manufactured between 1957 and 1983. Over this very long production run more than 520,000 Syrenas were built. Cars were initially produced in Warsaw and then production moved to Bielsko-Biala.

FSO syrena

Syrena is the Polish word for a Siren (mermaid), which, according to legend, protects the river Wisła and the city of Warsaw. The name Syrenka (little siren) is commonly used when referring to the Syrena in Poland.

FSO polish cars

A set of postage stamps commemorating 25 years of the establishment of the FSO car factory in Warsaw.

A van version of the Syrena was called the Syrena Bosto and a pick-up R20 were also produced.

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