Fuerstenfelde / Boleszkowice

fuerstenfelde boleszkowice

The railway station in Fuerstenfelde / Boleszkowice, c.1905.

Information on and old images of pre-war Fürstenfelde / Boleszkowice

fuerstenfelde boleszkowice poland

An old picture postcard of Otto Lehmann’s Schützenhaus in Fuerstenfelde /Boleszkowice, c.1919.

Some interesting facts concerning Boleszkowice:
- In the woods just outside Boleszkowice is an unused and deserted Jewish cemetery. It is enclosed by an old stone wall and the oldest visible gravestone dates back to 1853.
- Boleszkowice has a railway station on the Szczecin – Kostrzyn railway line.

fuerstenfelde neumark boleszkowice

A 1930s picture postcard featuring three different photographs of Fuerstenfelde Neumark / Boleszkowice.

Some other things you may not know about Boleszkowice:
- Prior to Boleszkowice was called Fuerstenfelde and part of the Neumark province of Germany.
- Boleszkowice is located in the Polish province of Zachodniopomorskie in western Poland.
- The current population of Boleszkowice is around 1,300.

Boleszkowice poland

A photograph of› pl. Bolesława Chrobrego in Boleszkowice, Poland, Western Pomerania, c.1965.

An interactive map of the Boleszkowice area of Zachodniopomorskie (Western Pomerania).

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