Gartow ognitz chartow

Part of an old pre-war German map showing Chartow (Gartow) and the nearby village of Ownice (Ognitz).

Chartów (former: Gartow) is a hamlet in the Słońsk (Sonnenburg) district of Sulecin (Zielenzig) county in the province of Lubuskie in the west of Poland.

Chartow Gartow

An old postcard featuring photographs of the school, a guesthouse, and the church in Chartów (Gartow), c.1917.

Random trivia related to Chartow:
- The church in Chartów was originally Protestant and dates back to 1828.
- A census taken in 1939 shows there were a total of 54 households and a total population of 212.
- The current population of Chartów numbers less than 90.
- The postcode for Chartów is 66-436 and all cars registered in Chartów have registration plates beginning with the letters FSU.
- The genealogical records for Chartów can be found the record’s office (Archiwum Państwowe w Gorzowie Wielkopolskim) in the nearby city of Gorzow (former: Landsberg an der Warthe).

An interactive map with the exact location of Chartow marked within north-west Lubuskie.

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