Głuchowo / Woxfelde

Głuchowo / Woxfelde Through Time

Głuchowo Woxfelde

An old lithographic postcard of Głuchowo (former Woxfelde) in what was then Neumark / East Brandenburg, c.1899.

A selection of pre-war images showing the tiny village of Głuchowo (Woxfelde), near Sulecin (Zielenzig), Lubuskie, Poland.

Głuchowo woxfelde Lubuskie

A garden in Głuchowo (Woxfelde), in what is now Lubuskie in western Poland, c.1919.

Głuchowo was called Woxfelde and part of the German province of East Brandenburg / Neumark until the end of the Second World War when it was renamed and became part of Poland. The current population of Głuchowo is less than two hundred.

gluchowo woxfelde oststernberg

A photograph of the main street through Woxfelde (Gluchowo), near Oststernberg, c.1933.

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