Głuszyca / Wuestegiersdorf

Głuszyca wustegiersdorf schlesien

the village of Głuszyca (former: Wüstegiersdorf) close to the Owl Mountains of Lower Silesia, c.1909.

Głuszyca (former: Wüstegiersdorf) is a village between the Owl Mountains (Góry Sowie / Eulengebirge) and Stone Mountains (Góry Kamienne) in the centarl Sudetan in the far south of Lower Silesia.

Głuszyca Wüstegiersdorf

The church in Głuszyca (German: Wüstegiersdorf) in Lower Silesia, c.1910.

Three things you might not know about Gluszyca:

- A branch of the German concentration camp Gross-Rosen operated in Gluszyca for prisoners and forced laborers employed in the mysterious Riese complex.
- The population of Głuszyca numbered around 6,700 at the last count.
- Gluszyca has a station on the Kłodzko – Wałbrzych railway line.

Głuszyca Wüstegiersdorf, pl

An old picture postcard of Głuszyca (German: Wüstegiersdorf) posted in 1939 to Wroclaw (Breslau).

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