gorecko alt gurkowschbruch

The post office agency in Gorecko / Alt Gurkowschbruch, Brandenburg, now Lubuskie, c.1910.

Today’s featured location is Górecko (former: Altgurkowschbruch), a small village, near Drezdenko, in the province of Lubuskie in the west of Poland. Here is our usual mix of information on and archive images of the location. As ever, should you be interested in any village or town within present-day Poland and want to see something similar featured on our website, get in contact, and we’ll see what we can do!

gorecko altgurkowschbruch

A multiview picture postcard of Gorecko / Altgurkowschbruch, near Drezdenko, c.1927.

Some things you may not know about Górecko:
- The church in Gorecko was built in 1789.
- Until the end of World War II, Gorecko was called Altgurkowschbruchand and part of Brandenburg / Neumark, Germany.
- In 1939 the population of Górecko / Altgurkowschbruch was 778. Today it is around 450.
- All cars registered at addresses in Gorecko have registration plates beginning with the letters FSD!

gorecko-alt-gurkowschbruch kriegerdenkmal

The church and war memorial (kriegerdenkmal) in Gorecko/Alt Gurkowschbruch Neumark, c.1930.

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