Six totally random photographs taken today on a wander around the large city of Gorzow in Lubuskie province of western Poland. They are neutral images, not meant to be either positive or negative. Merely a snapshot of what different parts of this interesting city looked like this afternoon.

Gorzow streetview

A Gorzow streetview – tramway, café, and street sellers selling cut flowers, mushrooms, and eggs.

Gorzow Manhatten

A rather fabulous fountain in the surburbian apartment block area of the city known as Manhatten.


Inside the simply wonderful Long Play pizza restaurant and record store in Gorzów.

gorzów music

A Gorzów music store selling anything from a simple harmonica to a top-class electric guitar.

Gorzów street

Another view of the same street in Gorzów. In the far distance is one of several high schools located in the city.

Gorzow road

The road from the centre out to the east of the city. The trams run down the middle of the road here.

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