Grottkau / Grodków

grottkau grodkow

A lithographic picture postcard showing scenes from Grodkow (Grottau), Schlesien, c.1899.

Grodków (former: Grottkau) is a town in the south-west of Poland. Here is a selection of images from our picture archive showing the location through time.

grottkau grodkow Grodków silesia

The Rynek / ulica Warszawska area of Grodków (Grottau), Silesia, c.1910.

Three things you might not know about Grodków:

- Grodków was part of Germany and called Grottkau until 1945.
- Around 50% of Grodków was destroyed in the fighting between German and Russian / Soviet soldiers in February 1945.
- Most of the German population, who had not already fled west, were expelled by the end of 1945.

grottkau grodkow poland

A photograph of Grodkow (Grottkau) at it looked in 1935. Look carefully and you’ll see the town’s windmill, now a restaurant.

A couple more bits of information on Grodkow:

- The composer Joseph (Józef) Elsner was born in Grodków in 1769.
- The population of Grodków is currently around 8,800.

Grodków grottkau

An old picture postcard of the Post Office and Church on ul. Warszawska, Grodków (Grottkau), c.1935.

Also good to know:

- Grodkow, although historically part of Upper Silesia, is now part of the province of Opole.

Grodków  grottkau

An elevated photographic view of the centre of Grodków , Poland, c.1964.

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