Guhden / Gądno

guhden gadno neumark

A couple of interesting old images of the former manor house in Gądno in Western Pomerania, Poland.

guhden gadno

The manor house (schloss / pałac) in Guhden / Gadno, c.1930. The house is now a ruin.

The early 19th century neoclassical manor house in Gadno, which was the property of the von Rohr family was looted and set on fire at the end of the Second World War. This is how it looks today.

manor house poland

Some things you may not know about Gądno:
- Prior to 1945 Gadno was called Guhden and part of the Neumark province of Germany.
- Gądno is now part of the Polish province of Zachodniopomorskie in the west of Poland.
- The economy of Gadno is now very much focused on agriculture and tourism. The lake was in the past a major fishing resort for the area.

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