Gurkow / Gorki

Three old images from our picture archive of Górki, Lubuskie, Poland. These photographs were all taken before the First World War when Górki Noteckie was part of Germany and named Gurkow.

Gurkow Górki

A 1912 photograph of the main street through Gurkow in former Neumark, now Górki, Lubuskie, Poland.

Gurkow górki

An old photograph of children in a boat on the River Pełcz in Górki / Gurkow in 1912.

Gurkow Gorki

The church in Gurkow / Gorki and children paddling in the stream opposite in 1912. Click to enlarge image.

Górki Noteckie is a village on the River Pełcz in the Lubuskie province of western Poland.

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