Heidersdorf / Łagiewniki

Lagiewniki Heidersdorf

The sugar factory, two churches, and other parts of Lagiewniki (former: Heidersdorf), c.1911.

Łagiewniki (German name: Heidersdorf) is a village in Lower Silesia, southwest Poland. It is located approximately 43 kilometres south west of the regional capital, Wroclaw.

lagiewniki heidersdorf silesia

The railway station (bahnhof) in Lagiewniki / Heidersdorf in Lower Silesia, c.1912.

Three things you might not know about Lagiewniki

- Lagiewniki was once famous for sugar production. A large factory opened here in 1857 but closed in the early 2000s.
- Łagiewniki was called Heidersdorf until 1945 and part of Germany.
- The population of Łagiewniki numbers around 2,700.

lagiewniki heidersdorf nimptsch

A view of Lagiewniki (Heidersdorf, kreis Nimptsch) from the church tower, c.1921.

More old images of Łagiewniki (former: Heidersdorf).

And the nearby village of Jaźwina (Langseifersdorf).

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