Henkenhagen / Ustronie Morskie

Henkenhagen / Ustronie Morskie

ustronie morski

An old multiview picture postcard of Ostseebad Henkenhagen / Ustronie Morskie, Pommern, c.1930.

Continuing in our long-running series of images of Old Poland here we publish three pre-war images of the village of Ustronie Morskie (former Henkenhagen), near Kołobrzeg, in Western Pomerania (Pommern / zachodniopomorskie).

Ustronie Morskie

The railway station in Ustronie Morskie (Ostseebad Henkenhagen), c.1939.

Three interesting facts about Ustronie Morskie:

- the name Ustronie Morskie translates as ‘quiet little place by the sea’.
- the oldest oak-tree in Poland, known as ‘Boleslaw’, can be found just outside the village.
- Ustronie Morskie has a population of around 1,800.

Ustronie Morskie Henkenhagen Westpommern

A postcard of the beach and sea in Henkenhagen / Ustronie Morski, Westpommern. This one posted to Stettin / Szczecin in 1933.

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