Targ Drzewny in Gdansk

Danzig / Gdansk

danzig denkmal 1904

A selection of images featuring the war monument in Holzmarkt / Targ Drzewny / Market Square in Danzig / Gdansk. The photograph at the bottom was taken after the destruction in the fighting between German forces and the Soviet Red Army in early 1945.

danzig markt

The war monument in the centre of the square was dedicated to the soldiers of Danzig and the surrounding area who fought in the wars conducted by Prussia in the nineteenth century. The obelisk was 14 metres high and was built in 1904. It survived the war but due to its Germanic character was removed shortly after Danzig became Gdansk and part of Poland in 1945.

danzig 1939

Since 1965 a statue of King Jan III Sobieski has stood in the spot once occupied by the German monument.

danzig 1945

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