Isaac Bashevis Singer

bashevis singer

Isaac Bashevis Singer was a Polish Jew born in 1902 in the village of Leoncin, just outside Warsaw, and brought up in the town of Radzymin in Poland. He emigrated from Poland to the United States in 1935. Singer is believed by many to be the most important Jewish writer of the Twentieth Century. Most of his short stories and books centre on life in pre-war Poland. Our personal favourite works by Singer include: The Slave, The Magician of Lublin, The Manor, Enemies. A Love Story. The Estate, Shosha, The Seance, The Golem, and Gimpel the Fool.

Isaac Bashevis Singer

A selection of books by the Polish Jewish writer Isaac Bashevis Singer.

In 1978 the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to Isaac Bashevis Singer “for his impassioned narrative art which, with roots in a Polish-Jewish cultural tradition, brings universal human conditions to life”.

You can listen to a 1964 radio interview with Isaac Bashevis Singer below.

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