Jahnsfelde / Janczewo

Jahnsfelde Janczewo

Two images of Jahnsfelde (Janczewo) on an old picture postcard mailed in 1900 to Koenigswalde Nm (Lubniewice).

Three old pictures of Jahnsfelde, near Landsberg, East Brandenburg, since 1945, Janczewo, near Gorzow, Lubuskie, Poland.

Jahnsfelde landsberg warthe

An old picture postcard of the Florenhein guesthouse in Jahnsfelde, near Landsberg an der Warthe, c.1906.

Janczewo currently has a population of just over 1,200. The village is part of Santok district.

jahnsfelde Janczewo poland

Three photographs of the village of Jahnsfelde Neumark, now Janczewo, Poland. This postcard dates back to 1911.

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