Kąty Wrocławskie

kanth katy wroclawskie canth Wrocław

An old picture postcard from the very early years of the 20th century of Katy Wroclawskie (Canth).

The small town of Kąty Wrocławskie (former: Canth / Kanth) is located around 22 kilometres (14 miles) south-west of the city of Wrocław in Lower Silesia, Poland.

kanth katy wroclawskie breslau

An old picture postcard showing the Catholic Church in Katy Wroclawsie (German: Canth / Kanth), c.1927.

Some totally random facts about Kąty Wrocławskie
- Katy Wrocławskie was part of Germany and known by the name Canth or Kanth until 1945.
- A German Prisoner of War camp housing around 2,000 Russian soldiers existed in Katy from 1942 to 1945.
- Kąty was taken and occupied from defending German forces by the Red Army on February 8th 1945.
- Katy has its own railway station on the Zgorzelec to Wrocław line.

kanth katy wroclawskie canth

Another picture postcard of the central square area of Katy Wroclawskie (Canth / Kanth), c.1929.

kanth katy wroclawskie canth

An aerial photograph of Katy Wroclawskie (Canth), taken in 1930.

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