Kidnapping Baltazar Gabki

Porwanie Baltazara Gabki

Kidnapping Baltazar Gabki (Porwanie Baltazara Gabki) is a Polish animated series for children produced in 1969-1970. Each episode lasts about six minutes. The television programmes are based a book by Stanislaw Pagaczewskiego.

Baltazar Gabki

The story goes something like this:

A famous explorer and author of many scientific papers, called Baltazar Gabki (Sponge) leaves on an expedition to Krainy Deszczowców (Rainy Land) in order to observe flying frogs. His long absence from the country begins to concern the Prince, who orders a rescue party be sent out with the aim of bringing the scientist home. The rescue expedition sets out from Krakow in an amphibious car. On their trail is a Rainy Land spy, code-named X-54 – Don Pedro de Pommidore.

If you are sitting comfortablably and have six minutes to spare here is episode one of the series. Simply click on the arrow in the centre of the image above to begin!

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