Kiełbasa Sausage

Kiełbasa is the Polish word for sausage, and there are a plethora of absolutely wonderful sausages produced in Poland. Most sausages in Poland are made from Pork, with our favourite varieties being: Mysliwska (Hunter’s Sausage); Wiejska (a u-shaped sausage originating in the Polish countryside); and Slaska (a Silesian Pork sausage). Other popular Polish sausages include: Kaszanka (blood sausage); kabanosy (a thin air-dried smoked sausage often eaten cold as a snack); Krakowska (a cooked smoked sausage often sliced and used in sandwiches); kielbasa biala (a raw white sausage similar to the German Weisswurst); and Parowki (a Frankfurter-style breakfast sausage).

kielbasa sausage

A billboard advertising various Kielbasa (Polish sausages) outside a store in Lubuskie, western Poland.

Polish kielbasa are commonly eaten on the their own with mustard and/or horseradish; and in traditional Polish dishes such as bigos (hunter’s stew), zurek (sour rye soup), cooked with sauerkraut and potato to make a tasty stew; and white sausages are an essential ingredient in barszcz biały (another sour rye soup).

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