Kiosks in Poland

kiosk poland

A city centre kiosk in Gorzów Wlkp., Lubuskie, Poland. Note the fridge stocked with chilled soft drinks.

Kiosks can be found throughout Poland. They are small booths with an open window on one side where vendors sell newspapers and magazines plus small, inexpensive consumables such as phone cards, mobile top-up tokens, lighters, street maps, picture postcards, cigarettes, condoms, sweets and chocolate, and cold and drinks. Many also sell bus and tram tickets.

kiosk polish

A Polish kiosk operated by RUCH on a socialist-era housing estate. This one in addition to the usual news stand related items also sells toys and barbecue charcoal.

Kiosks in Poland aren’t designed to be entered by customers. They go to the small window at the front and tell the assistant what they want to buy. In our experience many of the peopel who work in these kiosks don’t have the most advanced customer centred skills or to put it another way they are often bloody miserable!

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