Koenigsberg / Chojna

koenigsberg n.m chojna

A lithographic picture postcard of Koenigsberg N.M / Chojna, Pommern, c.1899.

A selection of images from our achive of Königsberg / Chojna through time.

koenigsberg chojna

An early image of one of the town wall gates and the kreishaus in Koenigberg / Chojna, c.1914.

Some things you may not know about Chojna:
- Prior to 1945 Chojna was called Koenigsberg and part of the German province of Neumark.
- A branch of the Ravensbruck concentration camp was located in the town.
- The major of Koenigsberg NM was hanged by the S.S for evacuating the population across the River Oder to Schwedt, prior to the arrival of Russian / Soviet troops.

kaiser's kaffee koenigsberg

A close-up photograph of the exterior of Kaiser’s Kaffee in Koenigsberg / Chojna in around 1930.

- Most of the centre of Chojna was destroyed by the Soviet Red Army after they entered the town in February 1945.
- Chojna is now part of the province of Zachodniopomorskie (Western Pomerania).
- There was a Soviet Army garrison in the town until 1990.

koenigsberg neumark chojna

A photograph of Bernikowstrasse / Ulica Bolesława Chrobrego in Koenigsberg Neumark / Chojna, c.1931.

- Two gates and around half of the late 13th century town walls still survive.
- One of the largest and possibly oldest London Plane trees in the whole of Poland grows in Chojna.

koenigsberg chojna poland

Another photograph of ul. Bolesława Chrobrego in Koenigsberg / Chojna. This picture was taken in 1942.

- Chojna is located approximately 73 kilometres (45 miles) north-west of the city of Gorzów.
- The current population of Chojna is just over 7,200.

chojna poland

Communist-era social housing and Brama Barnkowska in Chojna, western Poland, c.1972.

An interactive map of the Chojna area of Western Pomerania, Poland.

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