Koeslin / Koszalin

Three photographic postcards of Koeslin, now Koszalin, Poland.

Koeslin Koszalin

A photograph of Adolf Hitler Street in the centre of Koeslin, since 1945 Koszalin, in the 1930s.

Koeslin Koslin Koszalin

An early 1930s picture postcard of Koeslin (Koszalin). Click on image to enlarge picture and see more detail.

In March 1945, Koeslin was captured by the Soviet Red Army, and following the post-war Potsdam Agreement, Koeslin became part of Poland, and its name changed to Koszalin. The German population fled or was expelled across the River Oder to post-war Germany. The city was resettled by less-advantaged Poles from Central Poland and from pre-war Eastern Poland, now Ukraine.

Koeslin Koszalin Koslin

A picture postcard of the Schloßteich (castle pond) in Koeslin / Koszalin in the late 1930s.

Koszalin (until 1945, Köslin) is the largest city of Middle Pomerania in the north-west of Poland. It is located 12 kilometres south of the Baltic Sea coast. Its current population is around 105,000.

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