konin wielkopolska

An early photograph of a bus in a street in the centre of Konin, c.1909.

A selection of images from our picture archive for the town of Konin in the province of Wielkopolskie in Poland.

konin wielkopolskie

A lovely early 1900s photograph of ulica Dluga in Konin, Wielkopolskie, Poland,

konin 1941

A picture postcard of the town hall in Konin during the German occupation in 1941.

konin poland

A black and white photograph of plac Wolności in Konin, western Poland, c,1964.


A photo of the town hall in Konin during the Communist-era. This photograph was taken in the summer of 1974.

Some things you may not know about Konin:
- The current population of Konin is just over 76,000.
- In 1939 more than 20% of the population of Konin were Jewish.
- During the German occupation most of the Jews of Konin were shot and killed in the forest outside the city.
- The oldest road sign in Poland is located in Konin. It’s called the ‘Konin Column’ and dates back to the 12th century.
- In the Goslawice area of Konin there is a fine open-air (skansen) museum with windmills, a forge, barn, a reconstructed 19th century manor house, and a range of items related to rural life.
- Large quantities of of deposits of lignite coal can be found near Konin and as a result the economy has long been centred on mining, power production, and heavy industry.
- Konin is on the main raiway line from Frankfurt an der Oder passing through Poznan to Kutno and Warsaw.

An interactive map of the Konin area of Wielkopolskie, Poland. Use your mouse to zoom in and out and explore the area!

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