Kopytka / Polish Dumplings

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Kopytka are great! They might best be described as a diamond-shaped potato and flour dumpling usually topped with either breadcrumbs, cheese, mushroom sauce, bacon and onion. Without a topping they are a bit bland. Kopytka are beloved my most Poles.

Here’s our family recipe for Kopytka.

Kopytka ingredients

800 g potatoes
250 g cream cheese
1 egg
2 cups of flour

bread crumbs


Cook potatoes (old rather than new potatoes work best) until tender. Allow to coil. Add cheese and mix thoroughly.

Sprinkle worktop with flour. Add potatoes and cheese. Add egg and knead the dough together. You should be able to cut the dough into small diamond-shapes. If you can do this with a knife you have the right consistency.

Cook in salted, boiling water and take out after about 2 minutes. They will rise to the top when they are cooked.

Drain dumplings and fry with butter. Add bread crumbs as a topping and brown.

You can skip the breadcrumb topping and instead serve with mushroom sauce, if you prefer. We like both!

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