Krosno Odrzanskie

Krosno Odrzanskie

The central square area of Krosno Odrzańskie as seen from the air, c.1989.

Three images of the Polish town of Krosno Odrzańskie as it looked in the late 1980s.

Krosno Odrzańskie

An old image of the centre of the town of Krosno Odrzańskie, Poland, c.1989.

Prior to the end of World War two Krosno Odrzanskie was named Crossen Oder and part of Brandenburg, Germany.

krosno pl

An aerial photograph of Krosno Odrzańskie, c.1989.

Krosno Odrzańskie is located in the province of Lubuskie in western Poland.

- Old images of Crossen / Krosno during the war.
- More photographs of Krosno during the Communist period.

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