Kunersdorf / Kunowice

kunersdorf kunowice poland

A very early 1900s picture postcard of the church in the centre of Kunersdorf / Kunowice.

A selection of images of the village of Kunowice in Lubuskie, western Poland.

kunowice schloss palac

An old image of the manor house (Schloss) in Kunersdorf / Kunowice, c.1925.

Random facts and information on Kunowice:
- Until 1945 Kunowice was called Kundersdorf and part of Germany.
- An important battle took place here in August 1759 between King Frederick II’s Prussian army and the Russian and Austrian armies. Prussia was defeated.
- There are many links between the nearby border town of Slubice and Kunowice. So much so that, perhaps, it may one day become part of the larger town.
- Despite having a population of less than 1,000 Kunowice has its own railway station, school, several shops, and a petrol station.

kunersdorf kunowice

Heinrich’s guesthouse, the railway station, church and war memorial in Kunersdorf / Kunowice, c.1933.

An interactive map of the Kunowice area of Lubuskie with the German border marked. Kunowice is on the road between Osno Lubuskie and Frankfurt (an der Oder) / Slubice.

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