Labes / Lobez

Labes Lobez

An early lithographic picture postcard of Labes / Lobez, c.1899.

This evening we present a selection of images scanned from our picture archive of the small town of Lobez (Polish: Łobez / German: Labes) in Zachodniopomorskie, western Poland.

labes lobez zachniopomorskie

An early 20th century picture postcard of the Post Office on Bahnhofstraase in Labes / Łobez / Lobez.

Random information on Łobez:
- Up until 1945 Łobez was called Labes and part of Germany.
- Up until 1945 Labes / Lobez was famous for horses.
- More than 60% of Labes / Łobez was destroyed in the fighting between defending German forces and the Red Army in early March 1945.

labes Łobez

A panorama of Labes / Lobez on an old picture postcard mailed in 1937.

More trivia related to Łobez:
- Fritz Puchstein, the actor and director, was born in the town in 1893.
- Lebes / Lobez was the subject of the German-era film, Die Stadt im Osten.
- The current population of Lobez numbers just under 10,000.


A communist-period photograph of an apartment block and shops on ul. Koscielna in Lobez, Poland, c.1974.

A final point of interest:
- The Roland (Rolande) Mound, a huge monument to the German dead of the First World War topped by a statue of Roland, was built in Labes / Lobez in the 1920s and 1930s. What remains of this once most impressive man-made hill and war memorial (denkmal) can still be seen in Lobez.

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