Liebenau / Lubrza

Three old pre-war pictures of Liebenau, Neumark, since 1945, Lubrza, Lubuskie, Poland.


A litho picture postcard of Liebenau N-M, c.1900.

liebenau lubrza lubuskie

Two old photographs on a Liebenau picture postcard sent to nearby Gruenberg (Zielona Gora) in 1916.

Lubrza was named Liebenau until it was renamed and became part of Poland after the Second World War.

liebenau lubrza

A photograph of Schwiebuser Strasse (Schwiebus street) in Liebenau (Lubrza), c.1921.

Lubrza is a village in the province of Lubuskie in western Poland. It is approximately 9 kilometres north-west of Świebodzin, 42 kms north of Zielona Gora, and 49 kms south of Gorzow. Lubrza currently has a population of around 1,000.

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