Liebenthal / Lubomierz

lubomierz liebenthal

A lithograph picture postcard of the town of Lubomierz (Liebenthal), c.1899.

A random selection of pre-war images from our picture archive of Lubomierz (former: Liebenthal) in Lower Silesia, south-western Poland. It is located approximately 12 kilometres (8 miles) south-west of Lwowek Slaski, 25 kilometres (15 miles) north-west of Jelenia Gora, and 100 kilometres (65 miles) west of the regional capital Wroclaw. Prior to 1945 the town was part of Schlesien in Germany and known as Liebenthal.

lubomierz liebenthal polen

A fountain, shops, and town houses in the centre of Lubomierz (Liebenthal) in Lower Silesia, c.1921.

lubomierz liebenthal legnica

The market square seen through the arch of a town house in Lubomierz (Liebenthal), c.1927.

lubomierz liebenthal

A postcard featuring four different views of and sent from Lubomierz (Libenthal) in 1941.

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