Ligota Wielka / Gross Ellguth

Ligota Wielka Gross Ellguth

An old picture postcard of Ligota Wielka (German: Gross Ellguth) in Lower Silesia, c.1909.

Ligota Wielka (former: Gross Ellguth) is a village in the foothills of the Owl Mountains (Eulengebirge) in Lower Silesia.

Ligota Wielka (Gross Ellguth)

Another old postcard of Ligota Wielka (Groß Ellguth / Ellgott). This one posted to Wroclaw (Breslau) in 1919.

Did you know?

- Ligota Wielka was called Gross Ellguth and part of Germany until 1945.
- The German word Ellguth or Ellgoth means “free or grace period”, referring to the medieval custom of village founders being exempt from paying duties to their lords for a period of between five and eight years years.

Ligota Wielka Gross Ellguth

A picture postcard view of the manor house (alte schloss) in Ligota Wielka (Gross Ellguth), c.1929.

Four things you might not know about the manor house in Ligota Wielka (Groß Ellguth):

- It was owned by Count Seidlitz Sandretzky, but he himself did not live there.
- Around the castle was a large pond with many carp. Once a year, the water was drained and the carp were caught and distributed to the villagers.
- During the war, the place was used by a group of nuns caring for the sick. In addition, several prisoners of war who worked on the estate were accommodated in the lower rooms of the castle.
- When the Russians arrived in the village in May 1945 young women used the house as a place to hide to escape the attention of Russian soldiers. This worked until the place was looted and set on fire.

Ligota Wielka Gross Ellguth

Four photographs of Ligota Wielka (Gross Ellguth), c.1937. Includes the war memorial, school, and church.

You might also be interested to know:

- In 1932 a terrible tragedy took place in the village. The former saddler used an axe to murder his mother, his wife and his daughter, who was about to marry someone he disapproved of. He then killed all the cattle, set fire to the shed, and hanged himself.
- Ligota Wielkie (Groß Ellguth) had a population of 618 people. This was reduced to 514 by 1943. Today there are around 350.
- Ligota Wielka is approximately 6 kilometres (4 miles) south-west of Łagiewniki, 18 km (11 miles) east of Dzierżoniów, and 45 km (28 miles) south-west of Wrocław. The coordinates are 50° 45′ 31″ N, 16° 47′ 16″ E / 50.758611, 16.787778.

Ligota Wielka Gross Ellguth nazi

A Nazi Swastika flag flying outside the old manor house (burg / shloss) in Ligota Wielka (Gross Ellguth), c.1937.

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