Lippehne / Lipiany

Lippehne Lipiany

An early photograph of Lipiany / Lippehne, c.1919.

Three old images of the small town of Lippehne (Lippehne) in the west of Poland.

lipiany lippehne nm

Lippehne N.M (Lipiany), c.1939.

Lipiany Poland

An elevated view of plac Wolności in Lipiany, c.1967.

lipiany lippehne poland

Lipiany (Lippehne), Poland, c.1972.

Selected facts about Lipiany:

- Two 15th century Gothic gates and part of the town walls still exist.
- Lipiany boasts a fine late 19th century baroque-classicist town hall.
- Around 4,000 people live in Lipiany, which is located in the south-west of the province of Zachodniopomorskie.
- Lipiany was called Lippehne and part of the German province of Neumark until 1945.

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