Litzmannstadt / Lodz

Three photographs of Litzmannstadt (Lodz), Poland, during the German occupation of the town.

Litzmannstadt sdolf hitler strasse

A photograph of Adolf Hitler Strasse, Litzmannstadt (Lodz) during the Second World War.

Litzmannstadt Lodz

Another view of Adolf Hitler Street in Litzmannstadt / Lodz, this with Nazi swastika flags flying.

Litzmannstadt Warthe gau

An old picture postcard featuring a photograph taken during the German occupation of Lodz.

In September 1939, Germany occupied and annexed the Polish city of Łódź to the Warthegau region of Germany and renamed the city Litzmannstadt. Only when the Soviet army liberated the city on January 19, 1945 did it once more became known as Lodz.

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