Loewenberg / Lwowek Slaski

Lwówek Śląski  lowenberg

A panorama of Lwówek Śląski (Lowenberg) in Lower Silesia as it looked during the First World War.

Archive images of Löwenberg / Lwówek Śląski / Lwowek Slaski, a town in Lower Silesia, southwest Poland.

Lwówek Śląski lowenburg

A postcard of the town hall in the centre of Lwówek Śląski (Lowenberg), Silesia, c.1925.

lwowek slaski loewenberg

Am old photograph of central Lwowek Slaski (Loewenberg in Schlesien) in the inter-war years.

lwowek loewenberg

The fountain in the main square of Lwowek (former: Loewenberg) in Schlesien, c.1931.

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